Who we are?

We present to your attention a multifunctional advertising tool with the help of which the efficiency of traffic is reaching a new level!

The idea was nurturing for a year and a half. Strategies and technologies have been studied and tested by strengthened and continuous steps. We have gone through fire and water to create this project with new marketing and an unusual idea.

The Diplex team works in the advertising market from 2013, in our opinion, the Internet is full of obsolete advertising platforms with scanty traffic, and of course, the conversion of registrations to them is minimal.

We, in turn, are engaged in advertising like "Digital" - a modern type of advertising based on massive traffic, with an interested audience and an impressive conversion of registration!

Promising indicators and positive feedback from users of our tool, prompted the team to begin developing a new project, adapted under the current market.

Uniqueness of the project
Uniqueness of the project
We tried to make our project truly unique! In the project you can find what you are interested in: investments, advertising, earnings without investments.
Referral system
Referral system

We have made a convenient referral system that allows you to make a profit until the 30th level.

Earnings without investments
Earnings without investments
Every participant in our project has the opportunity to earn without attachments, performing certain tasks.
Adaptivity of Site
Adaptivity of Site
The site was created several months ago by a team of programmers and Web designers. They were trying to make the most convenient and adaptive project.
Digital advertising
Digital advertising
In the project you expect a new type of effective advertising, by which you will be pleasantly surprised.
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
We try to always be in touch with our partners and investors and help them in various situations.
Our site covers various countries of the world, so for convenience it is multilingual.
Bonuses and contests
Bonuses and contests
Already now at registration you can get 5 plex and 5 matrix con, just for registration!


How does our project work?

The project is a hybrid of an investment and advertising project. The main advantage of the project is that until the user does not perform a number of certain tasks, he does not accrue a percentage of his investments.

In our project there is an opportunity to invest and receive up to 1% per day, for this you will need to buy a project project - plex at the rate on the site. And in order to receive for investment accruals, you need to perform small daily tasks.

In DiPlex advertising is unique, as it will be viewed not only by those wishing to earn without investments but also by investors performing a mandatory task.


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April 2018
launch of the Diplex.club project
The launch of advertising and investment project Diplex.online
July-August 2018
ICO Diplex.network
The launch and distribution of Diplex.coin coins will be held
May 2018
New advertising tool
Launch of a new digital advertising system in the Diplex.club project