Q & A

Here is a common questions about site and working process

Please follow the link below, fill out the registration form and click on "Sign up".

No. In the case of a multi-account, all accounts will be blocked

At the moment, we accept Payeer, PerfectMoney, ADVcash and Matrix coin. If we add new payment methods, this will be reported to everyone by e-mail.

The minimum amount of investment starts from $ 1.

Your Plex after 360days of working will ceases to bring you profit and will pass to the status of "closed"

Plex is a project share, one Plex = 0.1 $ or 100 Matrix coin

The amount of Plex in the project is limited, this is done to deter marketing, so that why the project develops at the same pace.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 $

No, there is no fee for withdrawal.

Limitation of the maximum amount of withdraw is absent.

To receive a bonus of 5 Plex and 5 Matrix coin you need to register and fill data in the settings: Email Confirmation, login in the project and your social networks.

After your referral made deposit , the commission will be instantly credited to your account.

Anyone who is a member of the project and wants to recommend it to friends and investors.

Our marketing plan allows you to earn with the help of your referral link.

The referral bonus is paid EVERY times as soon as your referral acquires the tariff. The referral bonus is transferred to your personal account and is immediately available for withdrawal!

Referral bonus is accrued regardless of your contribution.

Referral program from the web masters is charged at the expense of surfing your referrals, it is divided as follows:

1 line - 3%

2 line - 2%

3 line - 1%

The withdrawal usually takes up to 48 hours in accordance with the regulations. With a small number of applications, the withdrawal can be made earlier. With a large number of applications, the deadline can be extended by 72 hours.

Accurals occur every 24 hours, to receive accruals, you need to perform daily tasks, it takes no more than 5 minutes

If you do not perform daily tasks, you do not get interest for your Plex, besides, you lose one day of your shares (that is, at the end of plex you will not be paid the whole amount)

Daily tasks - part of the idea of the project Diplex, due to advertising earns directly the project itself.

Becoming advertiser is very simple, you just need to go to the tab ADVERTISER and fill in the necessary data, also on the balance you should have some money, which is enough to buy.

In our project, the function of evaluating advertising is carried out. Each user during surfing or performing daily tasks can evaluate advertising on a 5-point scale, so she has a rating that will show the relevance of your advertising.

Each user in the project has his own personal details (example Uxxxxxxx and Mxxxxxxx) with these details you can send money to other users.

Requisites of the user to whom the transfer will be made, it is necessary to enter in the entry field, in the finance section.

Unlike other companies, we do not offer large and unrealistic interest. No financial investments are protected from 100% risk, however we always fulfill our obligations to our users in a timely manner.

For security reasons, we store our customer database not only online, but also offline, i.e. in a format inaccessible to intruders.

The separation of the balance plays an important role in our project! We accept not only dollars but also —Ārypto currency, so it would be unreasonable to confuse all currencies, since the dollar's exchange rate is stable, and the rate of the Crypto currency can change significantly every minute.

In this case, accruals. PLEX bought for MatrixCoin will generate revenue in the Matrix crypto currency, and PLEX purchased for dollars will generate revenue in USD.

Income is accrued in the currency through the balance of which you performed the task.

After buying PLEX, you need to perform daily tasks. But if you invested in the project MatrixCoin and USD, then you will have to perform daily tasks from two balances (MX and USD).