Large reach of the audience

Our service is used in the territory of different countries and cities.

We allow each advertiser to receive a lot of traffic due to the high prevalence of the project.

Continuous development makes itself felt. We try to make a quality service for reaching a large audience.

Multilanguage helps us to work in different territories and cover more audience.

How does advertising Works?

Every user can advertise his site on our site, the minimum price for one click is 0.001 $ or 0.1 Matrix coin (the price can vary depending on the Matrix coin course). Then you must set the viewing time, upload the image, come up with a title, insert a link and run the advertisement. You can edit the title, picture and link to the site during the work of your advertisement (where the web master will go). All statistics will be displayed in the "Advertising" section, namely how many conversions were in 24 hours, how many conversions were made in general and the average score of your advertisement, for convenience all statistics will be displayed in graphs.

Average traffic rate

Advertising Diplex

Why is Advertising Effective in Diplex?

Active views

All the partners of the project take part in viewing advertising

Multilingual site

Our project covers different audiences from many countries of the world

Attendance of the project

The site is always saturated with a lot of traffic

Convenience and simplicity

The project is constructed concisely and competently

Profitability for all

The advertiser profitably from giving advertising, and it is advantageous for the web master to click on it

Speed ​​of the result

Everythiing in project is optimized and you do not have to wait long for the results